The PeopleScope Modules

The PeopleScope Suite
is designed to support and facilitate the job of the HR function at all levels... not only would life be easier for the HR Team, but its productivity and efficiency would be significantly enhanced...leading to quicker, better work,with less errors and more satisfaction..naturally better results with more smiles!.

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The PeopleScope Suite
offers a range of easy to use,integrable,customizable products that are designed by a team of technologies especially for SME's and corporates. All the applications are:

Modular and Integrated


Equipped with graphical User Interface

Easily adapted to SMS Integration

State-of-the art technology and Highly Cost efficient

Easy to understand with Graphical analysis of data

Payroll Management system

Salarium the payroll processing software from PeopleScope has been designed as per current Payroll Processing conventions in India and is flexible enough to take care of changes that could be brought into effect in the near future.

Developed using the latest technology,salarium is universally accessible.This allows immense end user convenience.

Key Features

  • Multi-company-Multi-Location-Multi-user-Frame Work
  • Authority delegation(User Access definations)
  • Configurable and Multiple Salary Structures
  • Covers all statutory compliance reports upto e-files for PF,ESI and TDS
  • use of MS-Excel for Data In and Out
  • Leave Management(Online and Configurable with different rules upto leave encashment)
  • Salary Advance Mangement
  • Gratuity calculations
  • Cost -Center wise salary details
  • Completely configurable TDS module(Form 16,e-files for Monthly Chalan,24Q Reports)
  • Salary Increments
  • Bank Statement(e-reconcilialtion format)
  • Payslip email facility

Attendance Management System

ORA is a useful tool to effectively manage various complex scenarios in the area of Employee Attendance Management across different verticals

Key Features

  • Central Database Management
  • Manage Multiple and Complex Shifts and Schedules (Auto Shift Roaster).
  • Attendence Management Console
  • Holiday Management
  • User Management
  • Late-In/ Early-Out Policy
  • Overtime Policy
  • Absenteeism Policy
  • Compensatory Off (Comp-OFF) Policy
  • Attendance Summary
  • Past and Pre-Leave Data Adjustments: Manual Overwrite option
  • Leave Module:deal with complex Scenarios Easily(Leave Types/Carry Forward/Rule configuration)
  • Integration with Payroll software
  • Manual Entry and Corrections of In and Out Data

Employee Self Service Portal System

Personata is a one-point comprehensive interface with the HR function for all employees throughout the company. This application will reduce significantly a large amount of administrative and clerical work mandated to the HR Team. Personata is ideal for companies with a largely distributed workforce (Sales and service team across different regions).

Key Features

  • Profile View and update
  • Online Leave Management with Authorization process
  • On-duty/Compensatory-off Management with Authorization process
  • Reimbursement of Expenses
  • Travel: Plan and Expense report
  • Medical Reimbursement
  • Company news/message
  • Personal information display/update
  • Company Policy, Magazines
  • Meeting Room Booking
  • Income Tax Support module
  • TDS Info details
  • TDS Summary
  • Update Provisions (Investment Details)
  • PF Accumulation Details
  • Pay slip View and print
  • Pending list of approvals
  • Upcoming Birthday List
  • Forms and application
  • Vehicle Requisition
  • Wall posts : Publish Messages from HR and Management

Recruitment Management System

Recruitin is the solution for the complexities related to recruitment process in any organization, it has got very comprehensive candidate search. Vacancy can be tracked through multiple stages and various analytical reports are available.

Key Features

  • Vacancy can be posted by HOD’s
  • Search Candidate on multiple key’s in your database
  • Import candidate data from excel
  • Schedule Multiple Rounds of Interviews and Track them
  • Generate offer letter /appointment letter
  • Send SMS/Mail to candidates at various stages of recruitment
  • Integrated with the core Salary management system (Salarium)

Training Management System

TrainMe is comprehensive solution to manage all the activites related to training programs in any organization. The system and reports are designed considering the requirements of ISO systems

Key Features

  • Yearly Training Plan
  • Actual Training Plan
  • Training Execution Details
  • Training feedback from the employees
  • Training Effectiveness by the Superior
  • Training calendar report with different color codes as per stages
  • Budget Report
  • List of Trainers
  • Training Types etc…

Performance Management System

PMS takes care of the definition of KRA’s / Objectives and review work flow as per the stipulated period defined in the organization. The data is managed and presented so well that this comes as a handy tool for any HR manager.

Key Features

  • Define Company Goals
  • Objectives /KRA definition
  • Rating definition
  • Design Appraisal form – assign KRA’s and Questionnaire
  • Review at multilevel stages
  • Recommendation and Training needs
  • Analysis reports

Task Management System

Key Features

  • Can Schedule Task Calender
  • Task Allocation/ Task Mapping
  • Task Acceptance/ Rejection
  • My Task view
  • Task Reports
  • Sub-ordinate’s Task Reports
  • Integration with PeopleScope Mobile App

Meeting Management System

MeetMan provides efficient tool for maximize the productivity of every meeting; Organization can drive accountability, streamline meeting procedures with scheduling, executing meeting calendar & align management goals.

Key Features

  • Schedule Meeting
  • Meeting Room/ Conference Booking
  • Meeting Calendar
  • Today’s Meeting Menu
  • Multiple Meeting Acceptance/ Rejection
  • Meeting Execution
  • Meeting Recycler
  • Meeting Attendance
  • Integration with PeopleScope Mobile App

Travel Management System

TravelTrack manages the employee travel calendar, travel plan and reimbursement related information with detailed reports. This is useful for employee travel expense management in organization.

Key Features

  • Travel Plan
  • Travel Plan Amendments
  • Travel Help Desk
  • Travel Calendar
  • Integration with Attendance Module
  • Travel Reimbursement
  • Register/ Status Report
  • Authorization work flow for Plan and Reimbursement

Employee Asset Management System

EmpAssets manages assets related information (provided to employees) and gives you complete information with all the details. This is integrated with full and final process so management can track the status of valuables before full and final procedure.

Key Features

  • Maintains data of different assets and group of assets
  • Assign the assets to employees
  • Asset Return from Employee
  • Check the status before Full and Final Procedure
  • Asset Register Reports

Stationery Management System

Key Features

  • Maintains data of different types of stationery materials
  • Stationery Requisition
  • Stationery Authorization
  • E- Mail Notifications
  • Stationery Stock Details
  • Stationery Reports

Grievance Management System

GmsTrack offers user friendly complaint management system which can be used to address complaints effectively in a timely manner & management can maintain good relationship with all employees.

Key Features

  • Grievance Master.
  • Grievance auto-allocation
  • Grievance Mapping
  • Grievance escalation matrix
  • Integrated android based mobile app
  • E-mail notifications
  • Grievance Status wise Reports

Visitor Management System

VisMan manages the visitor data very well and gives you complete information with photographs for all the visitors. This is useful for tracking and analyzing visitor flow as well very much essential from security perspective in any organization

Key Features

  • Create appointment for the visitor
  • Security alert
  • Gate pass preparation with photo capture through webcam
  • Print gate pass (Optional)
  • End of meeting by officer
  • Out time update at Security
  • Visitor register
  • Visitor register with Photographs and other details

Canteen Management System

Key Features

  • Define the period of Different meals (Breakfast /Lunch/Snacks/Dinner etc.)
  • Manage multiple canteen facilities in one application
  • Get count for the number of meals served
  • Detailed list of employees/students who have used canteen facility with the type of meal
  • Reports – Date wise, Location wise, Meal wise

Discipline Management System

Discipsys is the solution to manage discipline policies in any organization and gives you complete information with all the employee’s behaviors & proposed action details. This is useful for tracking and analyzing behavioral mapping as well essential from legal perspective in any organization.

Key Features

  • Data comes very handy to manage different Legal Cases related to employees
  • This can also reflect in Performance Appraisal System reports
  • Manage your various Disciplinary policies
  • Define set of Behaviors and the actions proposed for the same
  • Can accommodate different set of actions for the repeated offense
  • Records all the incidents with proper witness details
  • Records all the incidents with proper witness details
  • Scan and upload the apology letters
  • Reports – Date wise, Location wise, Employee wise History can be retrieved

PeopleScope: Mobile App

The PeopleScope mobile app empowers your employees with smart & advanced mobile technology for smarter workforce in action. It helps to stay connected with PeopleScope HRMS for better decision & productivity in the organization with any time access to information.

Key Features

  • Employee Profile with details
  • Mobile Attendance with Geolocation
  • Timecard ( In-Out Punch Details)
  • Attendance/ Leave Status (Approved/ Rejected or Pending)
  • Leave Application/ Leave Calendar
  • On-Duty/ Compensatory-off Application
  • Workflow Approvals/Authorization
  • Wall posts : Publish Messages from HR and Management
  • Task/ Meeting Management

About Us

Maven Tech Services(MTS) was founded in 2011 with the intention of providing Information Technology(IT) services and business solutions for Industrial and Corporate enterprises and Governmental and other social entities

As part of this initiative, MTS offers PeopleScope, its own range of software applications for the Human Resources(HR) Management function in SME's.The design of these applications is based on the extensive experience of the MTS Team and its partners,both in the area of management,as well as technology,and is geared towards MTS' essential goal of supporting growth in the user enterprise through the application of appropriate technology.


Many small industries and enterprises do not have the business bandwidth to develop high levels of competences in the implementation and application of information technology solutions.Some shy away from using technology,having burnt their fingers buying expensive products that they cannot utilize efficiently enough, leading to loss of resources without commensurate gain

MTS is dedicated to supporting these enterprises to harness the power of information technology to boost their businesses to grow smartly to their full potential.

Why Maven Tech Services?

  • “PeopleScope is an integrated web-enabled module for almost all HR requirements of any business verticals in the world. The suite is 3-Easy: easy to IMPLEMENT, easy to USE and easy on COSTS
  • We know that your time and resources are precious and we understand the constraints you operate under.
  • We assist you with our IT expertise to facilitate speed and efficiency in your day to day tasks and improvement of your ability to convert work into revenue.
  • The ready domain expertise acquired by our teams while servicing clients in similar sectors.
  • The continuous evolution of our systems and procedures with watertight benchmarks for productivity, turnaround time, knowledgebase enhancement ensure high customer satisfaction ratings.
  • We have dedicated teams for handling client requirements to ensure that you are hand-held through the whole project.
  • Maven's Quality Policy:"Provide Consistently quality software products and services to our customers backed by efficient support. A Process-based approch tied in with systematic and continual improvement will be the means by which we will acheive this."

Our Process

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